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Industrial Valve

We sell industrial valves at cheap prices with class quality. Valve or valve is a mechanical device that is widely used for various industrial applications. Valve valve generally functions to control the flow with manual operation. Valve has many types and types, such as ball valve, automatic valve, gate valve, butterfley valve, check valve and others. Valve / valve has an important role in an industry such as the oil and gas industry which includes flowing into the distillation column and controlling the ignition of the furnace.

Valve function

  • To close and open the flow with conditions, when open has a minimum flow resistance and pressure loss. Examples: gate, ball, plug and butterfly valve.
  • To regulate the flow, by holding the flow with changes in direction or using an obstacle can also be a combination of both.
  • To prevent back flow, it usually uses a check valve (lift check and swing check). This valve will remain open and will be closed if there is a flow in the opposite direction.

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